domingo, setembro 29, 2013

Mais uma vertente dos novos modelos de negócio

O que dirá o presidente da Associação Industrial Portuguesa (AIP-CCI) a este tipo de modelo de negócio, "Homing in on a successful business model"?
"The subscription economy, where goods are delivered to your door, is the business model du jour.
“You would struggle to find the majority of our products on the high street,” said Sarah Dembitz, founder of snack box delivery company Saviour Snacks. “At best you’d need to trawl through four or five different health food shops, which would be tricky.”
Saviour Snacks scans the market for artisan suppliers of healthy food, from olives to seeds, popcorn to biltong. Boxes are delivered weekly, fortnightly or monthly, and are increasingly being bought by big corporates for their staff as a company perk.
JustFab is a high-end fashion delivery business that sends out shoes, bags and denim to three million subscribers across the UK. Fashionistas choose their preferences online: heels or flats; dark colours or light, and the service cherry picks styles each month."

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