terça-feira, setembro 17, 2013

I told you so

"when your customers are yelling for price cuts, you can drop prices and then squeeze your company elsewhere to try to preserve profitability, or you can see through their complaints on price to the more difficult truth that maybe you have gotten lazy or lost focus or that the competition has upped its game and you no longer provide the superior value you once did. Addressing that problem means taking on the challenge of increasing and perhaps even changing the value you provide; it could mean changing any or all of your technologies, processes, markets, or customers. Both courses of action - cutting price or increasing value - can be difficult to pursue successfully, and each of them can make equally good sense.
It is in just these circumstances that better before cheaper proves its worth. Faced with a choice between two difficult, similarly plausible, but mutually exclusive solutions to what can be an existential challenge, the best you can do is play the odds. Our research suggests strongly that the most profitable course of action is to devote your resources to tackling the hard problem of creating anew the non-price value your customers will pay for, not the hard problem of how to remain profitable at lower prices. "
Apetece dizer "I told you so!"
Apostar no numerador, apostar na eficácia, apostar na subida na escala de valor... apostar no Evangelho do Valor!!!
Trechos retirados de "The Three Rules" de Michael Raynor e Mumtaz Ahmed