quarta-feira, setembro 18, 2013

Acerca da captura de valor

Mais um trecho de "The Three Rules", desta vez o começo do quarto capítulo, sobre a segunda regra, "Revenue Before Cost":
"How best to create value for customers is a question that can be usefully seen as a choice between competitive positions defined by an emphasis on price value (that is, low price) or non-price value. Perhaps somewhat unusually, seeing the question in these high-contrast terms is not a dangerous oversimplification. It is instead an accurate distillation of an underlying structure that is too often hidden beneath unnecessary complexity. Sometimes the world is nuanced and complex and colored with shades of gray. But sometimes there are clear choices to be made, and we simply do not want to face up to them. Better befere cheaper is an unambiguous answer to a straightforward but too often ignored question. Creating value for customers is a necessary condition for exceptional performance, but it is not sufficient. The value you create is only the "size of the pie." Whether or not a given company is an exceptional performer is also a function of the "size of their slice," or how value is divided between customers and the corporation.' In other words, exceptional companies must not only create value, but also capture it in the form of profits."
Como não recordar o esquema que aprendi com Larreche:
 Como não recordar a importância de aumentar o producer-surplus!
Como não recordar a premente urgência de deixar de deixar dinheiro em cima da mesa.

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