segunda-feira, agosto 19, 2013

"Value-Based Pricing"

Um excelente livro, "Value-Based Pricing" de Harry Macdivitt e Mike Wilkinson, de onde retirei este trecho:
"the customer's understanding of the real worth of the value offered. Not every customer will acknowledge this worth. Some will seek to "rubbish" the assertions of the supplier or seek to denigrate the offer by challenging its uniqueness, performance, and so on. In such circumstances, the vendor needs to decide whether such a sale is worth the effort. He always should be prepared to walk away rather than compromise on price or yield to bullying behavior. There are, after all, other customers who will understand, acknowledge, and buy into a proposition. These value buyers are our target. For VBP (value-based pricing) to have any prospect of success, we need to deal with individuals who are willing to listen intelligently to our offer and have the vision to recognise the potential impact of this offer on their own value-adding processes. This will mean being willing on occasion to bypass procurement and go direct to the owners of the problem.
VBP is not just about charging higher prices, nor is it only about better profit - it is about better business. It is about being rewarded for creative thinking and innovation and delivering propositions to the right customers that generate sustainable win-win relationships. VBP is not about profit maximization at the expense of relationships, and it is certainly not about "ripping off" our customers. These attitudes merely lead to adversarial relationships in the future. As one of our clients put it, "We need to have some skin in the game.""
(No B2B) Quem são os seus compradores? São eles os detentores do problema que o produto/serviço vai resolver? Se não são os detentores, "don't have skin in the game", logo, vai ser difícil passar o conteúdo do valor da solução, muito provavelmente vão estar interessados no preço mais baixo do produto/serviço genérico. Consegue fazer-lhes by-pass e ir directo ao dono do problema que o produto/serviço ajuda a resolver de forma superior?

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