segunda-feira, julho 22, 2013

Outra vez a nossa receita

"The Anti-Kodak: How a U.S. Firm Innovates and Thrives"
"Milliken & Co. of Spartanburg, S.C., arguably should have been crushed by global competition, just like Kodak. Its roots are in the textile industry, a labor-intensive business that long ago decamped for lower wages abroad, leaving abandoned mills throughout the Southeast.
And yet a visit to Milliken's vast campus finds the company thriving.
"All of Milliken's traditional textile competitors are gone," says John Fly, a top executive who just wrapped up 45 years at the company. "They're out of business. And Milliken is having the best economic performance it's ever had. It's clear we did something different."
What Milliken did was first try to hold back the flood of cheap imports—a strategy that chewed up management time and ultimately failed. But then it diversified rapidly out of traditional textiles and moved deeper into niche products that built off its knowledge of textiles and specialty chemicals. And it bore down on scientific research and manufacturing innovation."

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