segunda-feira, julho 22, 2013

Curiosidade do dia

"They each sported the obligatory hallmarks of business success: expensive Italian suits, carefully manicured hairstyles and company-issued smartphones resting on dark leather compendiums. You could almost smell the overhead. As the meeting progressed, it was clear that these Ivy-schooled individuals were slick, sharp, and well-structured.
As the percentage of U.S. adults involved in start-ups hit a record 13% in 2012, the White House proclaimed that "entrepreneurs are the engine of our economy". But the three-hundred-pound-diet-coke-drinking-pepperoni-pizza-eating-founder in the room is that, in the minds of most American adults, entrepreneurship remains the domain of misfits: an odd pursuit of unwashed nerds that were unwilling or unable to secure real jobs and build "respectable" careers."
Trechos retirados de "Praise Entrepreneurs, Not Cubicle Capitalists"

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