quinta-feira, julho 25, 2013


Sobre Detroit mas aplicável à nossa realidade, "There's No Formula for Fixing Detroit, and That's a Good Thing":
"central Detroit is already in the midst of fresh start, a revitalization that feels far more organic and durable than past top-down efforts like the construction of the Renaissance Center in the late 1970s and the arrival of casinos in the late 1990s (although the casinos do appear to pay the bulk of the city's bills at the moment).
At the moment, this renaissance is almost completely disconnected from what's going on in the rest of the city.
The most thought-provoking thing I've read about Detroit in the past week was a blog post by The Century Foundation's Jacob Anbinder sketching out four possible government policy fixes: (1) let property owners (about half of whom aren't paying their taxes at the moment) choose what their taxes are spent on, (2) make city workers live in Detroit (less than half do, and this is something Mayor Bing has already been talking about), (3) let wealthier municipalities temporarily take over parts of Detroit for economic development purposes, which is allowed under Michigan law, and (4) do away with the region's ridiculous public transit divide in which the suburbs and the city run separate and disconnected bus systems. Are these the right prescriptions? I don't know. But bold experimentation certainly has to be part of the picture.
Does all this add up to a formula for fixing Detroit? No — and you may have noticed that I completed avoided the topic of fixing Detroit's schools, which is clearly crucial yet diabolically hard. But to a certain extent the lack of formula is the point. A fresh start for Detroit means entering uncharted territory — and that's exciting."

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