sábado, junho 15, 2013

Isto é tão bom!!!

"In 1993, Don Peppers and Martha Rogers wrote “The One To One Future,” a revolutionary book about the idea of one-to-one marketing and its impact on the future of marketing.
If you haven’t gotten a chance to read this book, here are a few notable quotes:
A mass marketer tries to differentiate their products, while a 1:1 marketer seeks to differentiate their customers” (Moi ici: Profundo!!! Começar pelos clientes-alvo e apostar tudo na diferenciação via interacção, via co-design, via-co-produção, via co-criação, via co-... é o regresso em força do alfaiate e da modista (e aqui também))
It is information about individual consumers that will keep a marketer functioning in the 1:1 future. (Moi ici: Clientes individuais... olhar na menina dos olhos, ter dupla precaução relativamente às estatísticas e seus fantasmas) Without individual information, as opposed to market or segment information, 1:1 marketing would not be possible.
Peppers and Rogers wrote about the need to track people, and talk to people on a 1:1 basis before the technology ever existed. Despite what some people might claim, marketing automation didn’t exist until 1999. Keep in mind, this quote from Peppers and Rogers was published in 1993:
When individual consumer information is added to the equation as an asset, the competitive battleground shifts. Using individualized information, you can achieve economies of scope, which can make your competitors’ economies of scale relatively less decisive."" (Moi ici: Mais uma vez - PROFUNDO!!!! e tão, tão actual)
Trechos retirados de "Best B2B Marketing Ideas from 1993"

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