sábado, junho 29, 2013

A lição dos nabateus

Descobri este texto "CRM – The Long View" há um bom par de meses e, volta e meia vem-me questionar. É uma espécie de lição dos nabateus, cuidado com a maximização.
"Our fearless leader began reciting this and that from a long list of exceptions that we found. Didn’t these people know anything about consumer compliance? Sheesh! As we moved on from these tedious topics the focust shifted to the financial stability of this 85 year old bank. This was in 1987 and things were still riding high in this part of the country. Yet, this bank was only generating like a 7-10% net profit – something like that. The examiner in charge had been apoplectic about this all week. “How could they stay in business when everyone else has got like 35% net profit margins?”
The 80 year old President, Chairman, CEO, COO (whatever) struck a match, applied it to the end of his cigar and began puffing until it was just right. He puffed, and puffed and puffed one last time. He then leaned over and blew smoke right in the face of the examiner in charge and said…
Sonny, we’ve been in business for 85 years. What makes you think we won’t be in business another 85?
This was the first underpinning in my business foundation. This bank provided it’s community a service they valued. Yes, they knew their customers – and these people were conservative with their money. They just wanted it to grow with as little risk as possible. This bank delivered. The next underpinning came the following year as we, the government, began closing bank after bank and then the S&L crisis hit too. This little bank in Kinderhook? Still going, with that really horrible return of 7-10% year after year after year."

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