quarta-feira, maio 29, 2013

People with skin in the game

Segunda-feira, 27 de Maio, 19h30

Terça-feira, 28 de Maio, 19h30

A bosta e, depois, o lavrar da terra, é sempre um sinal reconfortante.

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notes disse...

Tanta dependência nesta reportagem, tanta queixa, tanto pranto:


notes disse...

Relembrando Birnbaum:

The reality is far different: not better, not nicer just different. Globalization is something natural. It has much in common with the Atlantic Ocean. The destruction wrought by hurricane Sandy or the flooding of low-lying areas in both the U.S. and Western Europe would never have occurred but for the existence of the Atlantic Ocean. If we could somehow declare the Atlantic Ocean an illegal entity — and actually put a stop to it — Hurricanes and lowland flooding would be a thing of the past.