segunda-feira, maio 27, 2013

Curiosidade do dia

A terminar a leitura de "Fooled by Randomness" de Nassim Taleb encontro algo que desde o princípio esperava encontrar:
"As I am writing these lines I see the following headlines on my QuoteMachine: 
  • Dow is up 1.03 on lower interest rates. 
  • Dollar down .12 yen on higher Japanese surplus. 
and so on for pages.
If I translate it well, the journalist claims to provide an explanation for something that amounts to perfect noise. A move of 1.03 with the Dow at 11,000 constitutes less than a .01% move. Such move does not warrant an explanation. There is nothing there that an honest person can try to explain; there are no reasons to adduce. But like apprentice professors of comparative literature, journalists being paid to provide explanations will gladly and readily provide them."
Lembrei-me logo de tantos exemplos acerca daquilo a que chamei esquizofrenia analítica:

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