domingo, maio 26, 2013

Algumas ideias que podem ser replicadas

Um interessante desenvolvimento num mundo onde o dinheiro é caro e escasso "An Italian furniture start-up
Forza Formabilio".
Uma espécie de Quircky(?) para o mobiliário com design?
Uma forma de juntar clientes, fabricantes, e designers!
"The domestic market is smaller than it once was and manufacturers are trying to enter emerging economies. The firms boast exactly the kind of workmanship and attention to detail coveted around the world, but many are family-owned and lack the size and the skills to sell abroad.
Help is at hand from an unusual source for Italy's steeped-in-tradition furniture-makers from Formabilio, an Italian start-up (quite a rarity in the universe of internet projects).
Formabilio doesn’t have only one group of customers, but three. It is a “platform” that allows furniture designers to share their ideas, consumers to comment and vote on them and manufacturers to build and sell the winning designs.
The heart of this platform is themed contests, for instance for the design of clever containers or furniture that lets people fit more into small apartments. Designers are invited to upload projects to the site, where consumers are then able to suggest changes and pick their favourite design. At the end of a contest, a panel of experts put together by Formabilio chooses the winning designs. It includes a representative of a company that will later make the piece of furniture.
The idea is to ensure that everybody gets a good deal: consumers can buy furniture they like; manufacturers learn what markets want; and designers earn more money."
Algumas ideias deste projecto que podem ser replicadas:

  • aposta na interacção com os consumidores;
  • by-pass à distribuição, ligando directamente produtores e consumidores;
  • aposta no design, na diferenciação, na inovação;
  • aposta na colaboração entre designers e produtores;
  • aposta na internet para juntar tudo isto (proximidade, IKEA-effect, co-desenho, inovação, design, interacção, ...) 
Talvez haja aqui alguma lição para estes velhos...

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