segunda-feira, abril 22, 2013

Reduzir a taxa de insucesso das startups (parte I)

E voltando ainda mais uma vez às figuras sobre a taxa de mortalidade das novas empresas em Portugal:

Faz sentido reflectir sobre o artigo que a HBR vai publicar no seu número de Maio deste ano "Why the Lean Start-Up Changes Everything" porque o autor, Steve Blank, escreve:
"While some adherents claim that the lean process can make individual start-ups more successful, I believe that claim is too grandiose. Success is predicated on too many factors for one methodology to guarantee that any single start-up will be a winner. But on the basis of what I’ve seen at hundreds of start-ups, at programs that teach lean principles, and at established companies that practice them, I can make a more important claim: Using lean methods across a portfolio of start-ups will result in fewer failures than using traditional methods.
A lower start-up failure rate could have profound economic consequences. Today the forces of disruption, globalization, and regulation are buffeting the economies of every country. Established industries are rapidly shedding jobs, many of which will never return. Employment growth in the 21st century will have to come from new ventures, so we all have a vested interest in fostering an environment that helps them succeed, grow, and hire more workers. The creation of an innovation economy that’s driven by the rapid expansion of start-ups has never been more imperative."

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