segunda-feira, abril 22, 2013

"Processos e experiência dos clientes" (parte II)

Em sintonia com o tema de fundo abordado em "Processos e experiência dos clientes", encontrei estes trechos no Capítulo 2, "The service economy", do livro "The Connected Company" de Dave Gray:
"The producer-driven economy is giving way to a new, customer-centered world in which companies will prosper by developing relationships with customers - by listening to them, adapting, and responding to their wants and needs.
The problem is that the organizations that generated all this wealth were not designed to listen, adapt, and respond. They were designed to create a ceaseless, one-way flow of material goods and information. Everything about them has been optimized for this one-directional arrow, and product-oriented habits are so deeply embedded in our organizational systems that it will be difficult to root them out.
It’s not only companies that need to change. Our entire society has been optimized for production and consumption on a massive scale. Our school systems are optimized to create good cogs for the corporate machine, not the creative thinkers and problem-solvers we will need in the 21st century."

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