segunda-feira, abril 29, 2013

Curiosidade do dia

"IF SEX DOESN’T always sell, what about beauty? Are ads, commercials, or product packages featuring supermodels and preternaturally attractive celebrities actually more effective than those featuring “real” people? Well, evidence suggests that just as sex hijacks our attention away from the crucial information in an advertisement, so, too, can extreme beauty or celebrity."
Relacionar este trecho retirado de "Buyology" de Martin Lindstrom, com este artigo "MOAT: A Search Engine For Ads, And So Much More":
"An image of a woman in the ad, while more attractive, turned out to be too distracting, whereas an image of a shoe results in 2.6 times more clicks on the join button."
Relacionar com "The Decline and Fall of Product Placement".

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