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Como é que os desconhecidos podem aproveitar os tempos de crise? (parte IV)

Parte III, parte II e parte I.
Eis mais um exemplo de como um desconhecido, hoje em dia, pode aparecer no mercado, fruto do dramático abaixamento das barreiras à entrada, "Is Timex Suffering the Early Stages of Disruption?":
"1. Amateurs can now make watches. And this used to be impossible. Barriers-to-entry kept out most experimenters and entrepreneurs. The corporation was protected by several requirements, deep pockets perhaps most important.
2. Consumers might not want to wear your brand. The world of watches, like most of the branded world, worked on the assumption that consumers want to wear a recognized brand. But there are a couple of generations of consumer who are happier if you don't recognize their brand.
3. The HWC brand is just about all story. It is, in fact, the usual artisanal fairy tale. ... As we know, stories are fast becoming the new coin of the marketing realm. We are told relentlessly that the brand is story or nothing at all.
4. HWC asked its consumer to play the role of a supporter or an insider. We hear about this brand not from a four-color ad in New York magazine. It's not from a billboard or PR event. It comes instead as an act of humility that says in effect, "Please help us." Kickstarter casts the consumer in an entirely new light. They are no longer mindless hordes at whom we bellow "Buy!" Instead, they are early supporters who help bring the good into existence. Marketing thinkers now urge us to establish a symmetry between producer and consumer. Kickstarter goes a step further and asks us to make the asymmetry run in the opposite direction, with the consumer now the advantaged party."
 O que é isto senão mais um sintoma de Mongo...

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