quarta-feira, março 27, 2013

Sem escolhas... nada feito (cabotagem vs alto-mar)

"Too often CEO’s allow the urgent to cloud out the important. “When an organizational bias for action drives doing, often thinking falls by the wayside.”
Rather than develop strategies, many leaders tend to approach strategy in one of the following ineffective ways:
they define strategy as a vision;
they define strategy as a plan;
they deny that long-term strategy is possible;
they define strategy as the optimization of the status quo; and
they define strategy as following best practices.
“These ineffective approaches,” Lafley and Martin argue, “are driven by a misconception of what strategy really is and a reluctance to make truly hard choices.”
While everyone wants to keep options open as long as possible, only making and acting on choices allow you “to win.” Great organization choose to win — tough choices force your hand but, if you let them, they also focus your organization.
When a company sets out to participate, rather than win, it will inevitably fail to make the tough choices and the significant investments that would make winning even a remote possibility."

Trecho retirado de "Playing to Win: How Strategy Really Works"

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