sexta-feira, dezembro 14, 2012

"Volume is Vanity, Profit is Sanity"

Holden em "Pricing with Confidence" escreve:
"The first rule in dealing with price buyers is to be very careful of getting into bidding wars with competitors. There are no winners in price wars, only survivors. Price buyers use bidding wars to drive prices down. Winners suffer from the winner’s curse. That is, they win the order but end up losing so much in margin dollars that they wish they hadn’t taken the order."
Lembrei-me logo desta citação quando li "Trina Solar Shifts Strategy in Fight Against Low Prices". Depois, claro, veio logo outra:
"Volume is Vanity, Profit is Sanity"
Este artigo "Marketshare and Pricing – Ouch" vem reforçar as nossas mensagens com muito mais eloquência, sublinho:
"First and most important, never try to grow share through price. Use better products or better marketing or better salespeople, not lower prices.  If you try to gain share with low prices, your competitors will likely respond with lower prices themselves.  You will end up with the same share, only at lower prices.  Your profit suffers, your competitors’ profit suffers.
The big takeaway – be careful with which marketing tools you use to grow marketshare.  Use them all, except pricing.  Build great products with extra value.  Use brilliant marketing.  Create a smooth running distribution channel.  Train your salesforce better than your competition.  All of these are great ideas to build share.  But pricing is only a short term marketshare gain.  One that will be countered instantly.  When you build share, do it without lowering prices."

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