quarta-feira, dezembro 19, 2012

A propósito do dinheiro deixado em cima da mesa

Este texto de Holden "There's a Way to Win the Showdown with Your Customer" é uma boa pista para algumas empresas que são sistematicamente sujeitas ao rolo compressor dos departamentos de Compras dos clientes.
"Let's say you create tiers of functionality. The "good" offering might include basic functionality of the product through a software solution; "better" might contain the software solution, plus an online option; "best" might be a customized SaaS solution that integrates with your back-end CRM.
Now when Procurement says, "You've got to sharpen your pencil and drop your price by 30%," your answer can be, "No problem. We can certainly drop the price by 30%, but we're going to have to take the customized SaaS solution out of the bundle to meet that price."
If Procurement agrees to your proposition, you'll know the extra wasn't really needed in the first place. So be it. You've reduced your company's cost-to-serve."

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