quinta-feira, novembro 22, 2012

Be choosy!

"Turn Customers Away
When you start running a company, it feels like you have to take every order a customer is willing to give you, no matter how small - and sometimes, you do. But when you start getting $10,000 orders, you should be turning away the $1,000 ones. Do the same thing with the $10,000 orders when you start to get $100,000 contracts.
Making a small sale generally takes as much effort as making a big sale - except that the small one pays a lot less. My wife, an interior designer, recently realized to her astonishment that she spends almost exactly the same amount of time and energy on every project, whether it’s a small kitchen renovation or a full-scale floor-to-ceiling remodeling job. Midsize business owners have shifted from being thrilled to get any customer to knowing that they’re big enough to be choosy, and they reap the financial rewards of doing so."
Por favor estudar as curvas de Stobachoff, melhor ainda, desenhá-la para a sua empresa.
Trecho retirado de "Why You Need To Stop Thinking Like a Small Business"

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