domingo, setembro 23, 2012

Para reflexão profunda

Para reflexão profunda, aplica-se a muita gente, a muitas instituições, à política, a muitas realidades:
"If you are selling tomorrow, be very careful not to pitch people who are only interested in buying things that are about today. It's virtually impossible to sell financial planning or safety or the long-term impacts of the environment to a consumer or a voter who is relentlessly focused on what might be fun right now.
Before a marketer or organization can sell something that works in the future, she must sell the market on the very notion that the future matters. The cultural schism is deep, and it's not clear that simple marketing techniques are going to do much to change it."
E se há uma tendência forte nas últimas décadas, no  nosso país e no resto do mundo, é a ascenção ao poder do curto-prazismo.
Texto de Seth Godin "Truth and consequences"

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