sábado, abril 14, 2012

O equilíbrio, nem na biologia!

Ao longo dos anos, aqui neste espaço, faço o paralelismo entre a biologia e a economia, por exemplo

Sabem que acho que a história do equilíbrio em economia é uma treta, pois bem, e o equilíbrio em biologia? 
"Ms. Marris's book goes further, challenging the very idea of a balance of nature. In the first half of the 20th century, ecologists came to believe in equilibrium-that natural systems tended toward a steady state. So, for example, a bare patch of ground would be colonized by a succession of species-annual weeds, then grasses, then shrubs, then trees-until it reached its "climax" state. Conservation, therefore, was a matter of restoring this climax.
Academic ecologists have abandoned such a static way of thinking for something much more dynamic. For a start, they now appreciate that climate has always changed, and with it, ecology. Twenty thousand years ago the spot where I live was under a mile of ice. Then it was tundra, then birch forest, then pine forest, then alder, linden, elm and ash, then most recently oak, but beech was coming.
Which is its climax? We now know that oak seedlings rarely thrive under mature oaks (which rain caterpillars on them), so the oak climax was just a passing phase."
Trecho de Matt Ridley.
"Yet even as academic ecologists have abandoned balance-of-nature thinking, it still dominates practical conservation management."
Para este trecho só me apetece citar Upton-Sinclair:
"It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it"

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