segunda-feira, janeiro 23, 2012

Ainda acerca dos designers e do seu futuro

Enquanto os designers novos de idade mas que se comportam como velhos decrépitos nas suas mentes, choram por protecção do Estado (aqui e aqui), podemos ler:
"It doesn’t seem like there’s much business or entrepreneurial training incorporated into arts programs.
Well, that’s changing a little bit. But I will tell you that at some of the top schools there is resistance. They consider it to be vocational, and maybe that was justifiable when there were three artists walking the earth. But, in a time where it is a very crowded, noisy environment, I would think that you would want your students to succeed.
I don’t think you can send people out without some sense of what the world that they’re going to be inhabiting is going to look like. Therefore, you need people [teachers] who are very present in those worlds – not people who were successful in the world 10 years ago, or 20 years ago. It is a dynamic universe, and it’s changing all the time. (Moi ici: A maioria dos professores terá saído da escola?)

  • "Strategic Shift" onde se pode ler este pensamento que já aqui escrevi várias vezes acerca do advento das printers 3D:
"The trend toward design will only become more pronounced in coming years as new technologies like additive manufacturing and programmable matter come online. When we can economically “print out” objects that a design specifies (additive manufacturing) and reprogram objects to form new shapes and functions (programmable matter) efficiency loses its meaning.
Design then, is rapidly becoming the product itself and design is dependent on ideas, not atoms. Ideas, of course, can’t be controlled, but must be enabled."
I rest my case!!!

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