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Satisficers (parte II)

"A lone, hungry rat runs through what psychologists call a T-maze.
 It can turn either left or right. If it turns left, it will find food in eight out of ten cases; if it turns right, there will only be food in two out of ten cases. The amount of food it finds is small, so it runs over and over again through the maze. Under a variety of experimental conditions, rats turn left most of the time, as one would expect. But sometimes they turn right, though this is the worse option, puzzling many a researcher. According to the logical principle called maximizing, the rat should always turn left, because there it can expect food 80 percent of the time. Sometimes, rats turn left in only about 80 percent of the cases, and right 20 percent of the time. Their behavior is then called probability matching, because it reflects the 80/20 percent probabilities. It results, however, in a smaller amount of food; the expectation is only 68 percent.3 The rat’s behavior seems irrational. Has evolution miswired the brain of this poor animal? Or are rats simply stupid?
We can understand the rat’s behavior once we look into its natural environment rather than into its small brain. Under the natural conditions of foraging, a rat competes with many other rats and animals for food.
If all go to the spot that has the most food, each will get only a small share. The one mutant organism that sometimes chooses the second-best patch would face less competition, get more food, and so be favored by natural selection. Thus, rats seem to rely on a strategy that works in a competitive environment but doesn’t fit the experimental situation, in which an individual is kept in social isolation."
Interessante... quando se pensa na dispersão de produtividades, na dispersão de dimensões, na dispersão de produtos e serviços, na dispersão de mercados... na economia. E, já agora, no destino económico ser a mongolização, o aumento exponencial da dispersão de opções.
Trecho retirado de "Gut feelings : the intelligence of the unconscious" de Gerd Gigerenzer.

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