sábado, novembro 26, 2011

Olhar para o depois de amanhã

Para quem olha para o futuro, para quem olha para o depois de amanhã à procura de oportunidades, convém sempre olhar para o meu ratinho de laboratório:
"Downsizing the Box & the Smaller Future of Retail"
BTW, "Demographics Are Not Destiny":
"the average age of the global population will rise at an increasing rate over the next 50 years. In 1950, 34.1 percent of the planet’s inhabitants were younger than 15 and only 5.2 percent were older than 64. Today, the younger group has shrunk to 26.9 percent and the older group has grown to 7.6 percent. By 2050, the younger group will slide to 19.6 percent of the population and the older group will more than double, to 16.2 percent.
Companies, too, must take demographics into account as they plot their corporate strategies. They will have to adjust their products and services for countries at varying points on the arc of growth. Changing demographic profiles make for new consumer priorities"

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