domingo, outubro 23, 2011

Recomendação de leitura

Recomendo à tríade que leia o último livro de Daniel Kahneman.
Podem começar por "É inútil"
"Before Kahneman and Tversky, people who thought about social problems and human behavior tended to assume that we are mostly rational agents. They assumed that people have control over the most important parts of their own thinking. They assumed that people are basically sensible utility-maximizers and that when they depart from reason it’s because some passion like fear or love has distorted their judgment.

Kahneman and Tversky conducted experiments. They proved that actual human behavior often deviates from the old models and that the flaws are not just in the passions but in the machinery of cognition. They demonstrated that people rely on unconscious biases and rules of thumb to navigate the world, for good and ill. Many of these biases have become famous: priming, framing, loss-aversion."
"We are players in a game we don’t understand. Most of our own thinking is below awareness. Fifty years ago, people may have assumed we are captains of our own ships, but, in fact, our behavior is often aroused by context in ways we can’t see. Our biases frequently cause us to want the wrong things. Our perceptions and memories are slippery, especially about our own mental states. Our free will is bounded. We have much less control over ourselves than we thought."
E é esta complexidade, incoerência, inconsstência que torna Mongo possível e expande a paisagem competitiva onde todos podemos viver em simultâneo, desde que nunca mais faça sentido um TNT (todos no top) dos anos 80 do século passado. (Porque agora não existe um top, existem dezenas de tops)

Tríade: académicos, políticos e comentadores que só sabem jogar o jogo do "agarra o porco"

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