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Mais do que um ecossistema, um ecossistema que suporta uma tribo

"Like any serious running store, the wall of shoe options hits you like a two-ton truck. You can either rely on your tried and true brand or seek advice from running-world experts.
Road Runner Sports turned a product sale into a high-value experience that made us happy we found the store."
Os que continuam a vender produtos, concentram-se nos custos, têm de ter pessoal mais barato, têm de ter maior rotação da mercadoria, ... quanto mais vão por essa via, mais se distanciam da do valor. Opções.
"First, think of yourself as a services business. You must think beyond your current product, which typically boxes you into too narrow a business concept. Road Runner isn’t selling shoes; it’s selling a service that provides confidence in your selection. (Moi ici: Quando vou ao Tavares não vou comprar sapatilhas, isso há, literalmente aos montes nas Sport Zones e Decathlons, vou à procura de conselho e informação para suportar a minha compra... mas não é por causa da compra, é por causa da experiência que quero sentir após a compra, durante a utilização)
Second, invite customers to co-create with you in order to generate the user experiences they want. Nick invested 15 minutes in the assessment. P&G increasingly relies on customers for product ideas. Fed Ex informs customers of exactly where their shipments are thanks to data they enter into the Fed Ex system.
Third, turn your solutions into platforms that others build on. (Moi ici: Apostar na balanced-centricity, criar um ecossistema que se desenvolve sinergisticamente. Em vez de rapinar um fornecedor, ajudá-lo a crescer. Convidar parceiros a tirar partido de algo que pode ser útil para todos) Apple invited software developers to create applications for its iTunes store, allowing its customers to personalize their devices while giving Apple an attractive incremental revenue stream. Amazon allows small retailers and self-published authors to use its platforms to reach Amazon customers. In Chesbrough’s words,
“No single person or company can hope to compete with this explosion of potential offerings by relying on their own internal knowledge.” Your aim should be to create “a business ecosystem in which many parties vie for the attention of customers, who in turn benefit from more variety and more specific alternatives for them to consider.”
 Finally, redefine your business models around open-innovation platforms. At present, Road Runner Sports’ business model is selling shoes and gear with just one value-added service created through the platform. What if this platform also included outside trainers who would add custom training regimens designed for specific kinds of runners characterized in some way by the Road Runner Sports platform? Nutrition specialists could add advice for different kinds of bodies on different types of training runs and races. Could Road Runner Sports license its platform to specialty running stores in communities where the company has no intention of locating a store? What if the platform created a custom insert in conjunction with local chiropractors linked to the Road Runner Sports community through the platform? Chesbrough is advocating this type of innovation.
In moving from the Industrial Age to the Internet Age, we transitioned from a world of protected, hard-to-access knowledge to ubiquitous knowledge. Think of solution platforms in an open-innovation world as magnets. How can yours draw others into working seamlessly with you to benefit your customers? As the magnet, you’ll gain insights into customers’ tacit knowledge. Chesbrough claims this knowledge will create a stronger, harder to copy business model. Road Runner Sports customers might even reveal where the best runs are for different kinds of runners and training needs. As running newcomers to San Diego, we’d really value that! (Moi ici: Mais do que um ecossistema, um ecossistema que suporta uma tribo)

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