domingo, julho 31, 2011

Acerca da tarefa de mudar a cultura de uma organização

Excelente artigo de Steve Denning "How do you change an organizational Culture?"
Quando as pessoas se queixam de que este novo governo, não conta, não diz onde vai cortar...
"In general, the most fruitful success strategy is to begin with leadership tools, including a vision or story of the future, cement the change in place with management tools, such as role definitions, measurement and control systems, and use the pure power tools of coercion and punishments as a last resort, when all else fails."

  • "Do come with a clear vision of where you want the organization to go and promulgate that vision rapidly and forcefully with leadership storytelling. (Moi ici: Moisés começou por descrever a Terra Prometida onde corria leite e mel. Não começou por descrever os sacrifícios por que iriam passar...)
  • Do identify the core stakeholders of the new vision and drive the organization to be continuously and systematically responsive to those stakeholders. (Moi ici: A emigração é um sinal ... )
  • Do define the role of managers as enablers of self-organizing teams and draw on the full capabilities of the talented staff.
  • Do quickly develop and put in place new systems and processes that support and reinforce this vision of the future, drawing on the practices of dynamic linking. (Moi ici: Não é mais do mesmo... saque aos saxões)
  • Do introduce and consistently reinforce the values of radical transparency and continuous improvement.
  • Do communicate horizontally in conversations and stories, not through top-down commands.
  • Don’t start by reorganizing. First clarify the vision and put in place the management roles and systems that will reinforce the vision.
  • Don’t parachute in a new team of top managers. Work with the existing managers and draw on people who share your vision."

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