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Subir na escala de valor

Uma imagem e um texto que condensa um conjunto de conceitos relevantes para quem se preocupa com a criação de valor.
"The customer value accumulates as the satisfied needs advance from utility to psychic, as the customer benefits offered transcend tangibles to intangibles, as the nature of the relationship between the customer and the supplier develops from transaction to interaction, and as the customer treatment shifts from being a consumer to being a person. This accumulation of value may take one of four distinct forms that can be arranged from low to high as follows functionality; solution; experience; and meaning.
Functionality means an outcome that the customer obtains from basic (and facilitating) product features. Solution obtained by extending the offering to include support features that cover some of the activities the customer usually performs to, for example, acquire, install, use, and maintainthe product. Experience involves adding intangibles to the tangible offering of the firm. The customer becomes part of the transformation process rather than mere recipient of its end result. Experience takes into account not only the rational expectations of the customer concerning functional attributes of the product or service but more importantantly the emotional elements derived by the total experience.
Meaning magnifies the worth to the experience. It thinks the immediateness of the experience to the durability of strongly held personal philosophy. It takes the experience to new heights of self-actualization. The difference between experience and meaning is that the former can be understood as "living through" something; while the latter can be of as "living for" some purpose."
Trechos retirados de "Customer value: a review of recent literatura and an integrative configuration" de Azaddin Khalifa publicado na revista "Management Decision" Vol 42, No. 5, 2001.

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