quinta-feira, outubro 22, 2009

The employees deliver the brand.

No ano passado escrevemos uma série sobre a batota, no último ano temos continuado a usar esta imagem da batota.

A batota é demasiado importante!!!

Ko Floor no seu livro “Branding a Store” escreve, acerca dos funcionários de uma loja:

“Employees are the link between the customer and the retail brand. Online retailers miss this human interaction, but for offline retailers, employees are maybe even the most important communication tool.

Employees should reflect and reinforce the brand in their behavior. They are almost the brand themselves. The millions spent on advertising, direct marketing communications, store design and visual merchandising will be wasted if a customer has a bad experience with an employee. Strong retail brands therefore spend time, money and energy making sure that external and internal branding connect well. Employees who understand what the retail brand stands for and also believe in that can become true brand champions, because every contact with an employee is a moment of truth.

Employees can make the difference in retail. Good employees are more difficult to imitate than range, price, convenience or store experience. But employees are also the biggest cost factor in retail. However, this should not result in less attention being paid to the internal branding. After all, employees are not only a cost factor, they are also responsible for a large part of the revenue.

Employees also a large influence on brand perception in stores where the emphasis is on self-service. They are the human face of the retail brand, and also need to continue to prove the brand promise every day in these types of store. The employees deliver the brand.”

Hoje, durante o dia, vamos entrar em contacto com n instituições (empresas B2B, empresas B2C) em quantas delas se pratica, se entende, se percebe o poder desta afirmação "The employees deliver the brand"

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