sábado, junho 27, 2009

Estes soundbytes são-me irresistíveis!

"BY NOW, we've all read the story, dozens of times. It goes like this: the financial crisis has brought down the Potemkin village of consumerism. The recession has exposed the internal contradictions and long-term impossibility of the neo-liberal order.
In a thousand community centres across Australia, in homes and kitchens and op shops, people are changing how they live their lives. People are cooking at home instead of eating out. Restaurants are responding by replacing gourmet with "home-inspired" meals. Friends are sharing clothes. Op shops are in fashion, a claim shown by talking to the fashion designer who picked up a pair of leather pants for (just!) $120 from the Salvos. Indeed, the Salvos have rebranded their stores as "Fashion with a Conscience", making the leap from evangelical Christians with a focus on charity, to "urban recyclers" with celebrity endorsements describing the shops as a "new shopping hot spot""

Extraído de "Crisis? What crisis?"

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