domingo, março 22, 2009

Are you sure you have a strategy? (parte III)

Continuado daqui.
Segue-se a Lógica Económica, algo entre aquilo que considero proposta de valor, a disciplina de valor de Wiersema e modelo de negócio.

"At the heart of a business strategy must be a clear idea of how profits will be generated—not just some profits, but profits above the firm's cost of capital. It is not enough to vaguely count on hav­ing revenues that are above costs. Unless there's a compelling basis for it, customers and competitors won't let that happen. And it's not enough to gen­erate a long list of reasons why customers will be eager to pay high prices for your products, along with a long list of reasons why your costs will be lower than your competitors'. That's a sure-fire route to strategic schizophrenia and mediocrity.

Economic logic asks the specific questions of our ability to generate profit. How will we gain lowest costs: 1) through scale advantage? 2) through scope and replication advantage? And, how will we attract premium prices: 1) due to unmatchable service? 2) due to proprietary product features? The most successful strategies have a central economic logic that serves as the fulcrum for profit creation. In many cases, the economic key may be to obtain premium prices by offering customers a difficult-to-match product."
Não basta receber encomendas, é preciso ganhar dinheiro com elas.
Não basta captar clientes, é preciso que eles sejam lucrativos.

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