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Valor para os clientes

A produtividade pode ser representada pela equação:
Em termos monetários o valor percebido traduz-se num preço.
“…Value as perceived by customers is a ratio of perceived benefits to be received from a product to perceived sacrifices incurred to acquire and use (receive satisfaction from) the product.”“Customers tend to compare the perceived value of alternative products and select the product with the greatest perceived value.”

“The strategic approach described in this paper is somewhat different from a TQM customer satisfaction approach in that it considers customer sacrifices, not just benefits.”

“The customer value approach requires a number of determinations:
First, the organization must assess customer benefits and sacrifices and the relative importance of each to the customer in order to determine customer value.
Then the organization should compare itself to its competitors.
Finnaly, it must determine how best to increase its customer perceived value to gain competitive advantage.”

“The customer value paradigm is replacing the customer satisfaction paradigm in management strategy. The customer satisfaction approach focuses on how to satisfy existing customers better. The customer value approach focuses on how to improve an organization’s competitive position, attract and retain targeted customers, and create shareholder wealth.”

Trechos retirados de “Managing Customer Value” de Michael T. Saliba, e Caroline M. Fisher. (Quality Progress, Junho 2000).

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