quinta-feira, maio 17, 2007

De que falamos, quando falamos em oferecer soluções?

Ranjay Gulati no artigo "Silo Busting - How to Execute on the Promise of Customer Focus", publicado no número de Maio da Harvard Business Review, chama a atenção para alguns cuidados a ter, quando se quer apostar na diferenciação através da oferta de soluções.

"At the time, lots of companies were making the move from selling products to selling solutions in an attempt to differentiate themselves in increasingly commoditized markets."

"But in trying to escape the perils of commoditization, the company initially fell into a classic trap: It was seeking to solve customer problems but was viewing those problems through the lens of its own products, rather than from the customer’s perspective. It was pulling together what it had on offer in the hope that customers would value the whole more than the sum of its parts."

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