sábado, abril 07, 2007

The process audit

O número de Abril da Harvard Business Review, traz um artigo de Michael Porter "The Process Audit", onde o autor discorre sobre os processos.

"Companies need to ensure that their business processes become more mature—in other words, that they are capable of delivering higher performance over time. To make that happen, companies must develop two kinds of characteristics: process enablers, which pertain to individual processes, and enterprise capabilities, which apply to entire organizations.

There are five process enablers…
Design: The comprehensiveness of the specification of how the process is to be executed.
Performers: The people who execute the process, particularly in terms of their skills and knowledge.
Owner: A senior executive who has responsibility for the process and its results.
Infrastructure: Information and management systems that support the process.
Metrics: The measures the company uses to track the process’s performance.

…and four enterprise capabilities.
Leadership: Senior executives who support the creation of processes.
Culture: The values of customer focus, teamwork, personal accountability, and a willingness to change.
Expertise: Skills in, and methodology for, process redesign.
Governance: Mechanisms for managing complex projects and change initiatives.

O que considero mais interessante do artigo, até porque está na secção "tool kit", é uma proposta de esquema de classificação do estado de evolução de cada um dos enablers e capabilities.

Por exemplo, para o enabler Design, numa vertente "Context" o autor propõe quatro graus:

P-1: The processes's inputs, outputs, suppliers, and customers have been identified.
P-2: The needs of the process's customers are known and agreed upon.
P-3: The process owner and the owners of the other processes with which the process interfaces have established mutual performance expectations.
P-4: The process owner and the owners of customer and supplier processes with which the process interfaces have established mutual performance expectations.

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