quarta-feira, fevereiro 28, 2007

Duas cabeças pensam melhor que uma

"To be aware that one is ignorant but to act anyway is made possible when people trust that a combination of attentiveness, resilience, and improvisation can substitute for omniscience."

Quando numa organização juntamos o número mágico de pessoas (7 mais ou menos 2), sabemos que cada uma das pessoas em causa não conhece a organização em pormenor. Contudo, quando equacionamos o conhecimento desse colectivo...

"What's significant about this design, from the standpoint of wisdom, however, is not that it increases the amount that people know but that it reminds individuals of what they don't know. Distributed information processing, by this line of reasoning, is effective not because it makes knowing less fallible but because it makes it more so. The fact that knowing is distributed makes people more aware of what they don't know, which heightens their attentiveness to the limits of what they do know. As a result, all of them act with more wisdom and update their knowledge more often with greater attention to larger systemic consequences."

Extractos retirados do livro "Making Sense of the Organization" de Karl Weick

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